Her covenant was a symbol of tranquility and supple cashmere, just a touch of beauty and emerald eyes of devotion. She tasted the French toast treat and the chocolate quik all in one gulp. She scrutinized the slow moving cotton down of passing clouds and azure heaven with a painstaking expectation.

The noon point meridian challenged moted sun beams and dancing rainbow prisms against the crystal goblet full of chocolate milk. She took another bite of French toast savoring the flavor of her indiscretion. She thought of cascading moisture and gushing wellsprings, she thought of sunshine and rain, dustbowls devoured by river torrents and flowing oceans with cerulean
Tides and warm mists.

Imposing gusts of sandy dry soil billowed across the once fertile fields of the parched farmland. Her cashmere sweater was warm and the earnest song of trickling raindrops would make her covenant complete. She had asked for rain, touching the ruby red and gold trimmed necklace with a faithful insistence. She had promised the intrusive betrayer, the sycophant of Welsh Bank and bad nix mortgage holders a windfall in the form of blessed rain, for Wicker County and all of its inhabitants, mostly the poor and farmers.

Looking toward the desert like plain of her hundred acre farm the banker had sighed and given her a six month extension on the mortgage. The boarder of rambling unsullied soil and defiant daydream saffron seed waited in tense mystery of its master and her wild notion of rain.

Conceived of and necessary for the wont of what’s promised to the needy and the starving the rain complied as she sat eating her French toast. She had known the rain would come, she had a covenant with heaven and the dream had touched her again, the dream of fresh starts and nascent wheat bloom, the dream of country baptism by rain and sweet salvation. The gentle hissing breath of sanctity, in the form of thousands upon thousands of beaded liquid life poured down throughout the county. An amused banker would have to admit that a miracle had occurred in Wicker County.